T H E   P O W E R   O F   S L E E V E S

Sleeves have the power to completely change the look and feel of a wedding gown. How often have you tried on a dress and thought to yourself if only it had sleeves? Or, have you ever liked a gown but thought something was missing?  Well did you know that sleeves can be added to nearly all dresses? We are going to break down ten different options for you to discover which sleeve would best suit you or create your desired look for your special day.

T H E   L O O K S

1.  O F F  T H E   S H O U L D E R  C A P  S L E E V E

Starting off simple yet effective is the off the shoulder cap sleeve demonstrated on this Cizzy Bridal gown. This sleeve drapes around the arm gently and gives the entire look a feminine and soft feel. This style of sleeve is also perfect for when a gown is near perfect yet seems to be missing something small as rather than adding a whole sleeve that would draw attention away from the body of the dress it subtly gives coverage and dimension while still letting the dress speak and shine for itself.

2.  S H O R T   F L U T T E R   S L E E V E

The flutter sleeve is an elegant and stylish way to incorporate a short sleeve on your bridal gown. This dress by Arietta Australia depicts the sleeves being worn on a plus size gown and shows how it creates a unique fresh feel perfect for warmer months in Australia.

3.  R E M O V A B L E    P U F F   S L E E V E


The removable puff sleeve. The Marlee gown by Maggie Sottero perfectly shows how effortlessly these sleeves can give your gown a chic and stylish touch and better yet can be easily removed to reveal a strapless gown allowing a whole new transformation on your look.

4.  W I D E  C O L L A R E D  O F F  T H E  S H O U L D E R

The wide collared off the shoulder seen on this Tina Holly gown embodies elegance and sophistication while still subtly remaining sexy and bold. This sleeve is both comfortable and allows plenty of movement, perfect for dancing on your special day.

5.  O F F  T H E  S H O U L D E R  B A L L O O N  S L E E V E


The off shoulder balloon sleeve. This sleeve is both playful and modern and creates a unique twist to any wedding gown. The sleeves are a statement piece yet are still simple enough to be paired with dramatic gowns. These sleeves also have the potential to be created from various materials and can match many different gowns fabrics and details seen by this Cizzy Bridal gown where the sleeves are made of the delicious crepe material.

6.  L O N G  B A L L O O N  S L E E V E


The long balloon sleeve brings a definite wow factor to a bridal gown. These sleeves create a luxurious and powerful feel allowing brides to feel confident and bold.

7.  F L A R E   S L E E V E


The flare sleeve is perfect for any bride looking for a bohemian or free and flowy style gown. This sleeve creates beautiful movement and body that is eye catching and playful. Saige by Maggie Sottero demonstrates how effortlessly this style can be added to a gorgeous lace gown.

8.  I L L U S I O N   B A L L O O N   L A C E   S L E E V E


The illusion sleeve allows brides to creates a unique look of a subtle sleeve that still gives full coverage of the arm. This sleeve is perfect for anyone who wants the best of both worlds, a long sleeve without too much material or colour taking away from the body of the dress.

9. C O L L A R E D    B I S H O P    S L E E V E


The collared bishop sleeve is perfect for the bride that wants to make a unique statement, this sleeve creates a sophisticated and formal feel which when paired with a delicate and feminine gown creates a perfectly balanced statement look, seen by this Maggie Sottero gown Clover.

10.  R U F F L E   O F F   T H E    S H O U L D E R

The ruffle off the shoulder is the perfect girly and fun touch to add to any gown. The ruffle sleeve can be created to perfectly suit your desire on size and volume, making it one of the easiest ways to share your taste and personality on your wedding day.


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